Assignment 5
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For this assignment, we were asked to do several things within images, and creating collages. We used our knowledge from last week's lab to create effects on the pictures, yet used our new-found knowledge to remove the blue background from images, place images in a certain position, and to create collages from indexes.

The first task was to create a command to create our collage, using indexes. We used our effects from last week, and balanced them with an original effect.

Next, we created a function that allowed us to place a picture of us taken in front of the blue screen, and for us to remove the blue content, and to decide using a True or False input, whether to do so or not.

Next we were asked to place together a total of four images, and use different effects on them, and place them in different places- thus creating a collage.

For the last task, we were asked to place three images in a triangular position, using different effects. I decided to swap my reds and blues, my greens and reds, and finally my blues and greens.

I tried to create a new effect, called "effect", yet it would not work for me, and I ended up spending way too much time on trying to solve the problem, than was necessary. Therefore, I played around with the effects I already had, and think that I was very successful in creating a cool effect in my

I learned a lot in this lab, and actually did more work on my own (without the help of the TA's) on this lab than all of the others, as I feel as though if I work through all of the problems I encounter on my own, I learn so much more about them- such as why the mistake happened, how to correct it, and what occurs when I type something incorrectly. I am still struggling with python and programing in itself, but I am the type of learner that works slowly and steadily and I am hoping in the near future, I will find Computer Science less challenging, and begin to have less silly problems that make doing labs a lengthy and annoying process most of the time. I still have trouble with my python files and seem to make too many of them, and always have issues finding where I am actually working, but for this lab I tried to contain much of the code in its proper file, and to keep everything as simple as I could.