Assignment 2
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For this assignment, we were asked to write programming to allow shapes to be drawn. The shapes began simply, and became progressively more complex as the assignment continued. The end results included two scenes in which ordinary objects were displayed.

For my scenes, I created houses lined up with two trees and a lightening bolt- and for my second, two fish swimming. In order to do this, I began with drawing several cubes, and having them appear on the turtle program. Next, I gave these cubes color and added triangles to the drawing. For the next step, I combined these two shapes and created a house. Next, I played around with dimensions, location, and color and created a scene in which multiple houses were arranged in a row, to stimulate a street of some-sort. Then I added little trees outside the home, as well as a lightening bolt in the sky. For my second scene, I decided to make fish- and doing so was complicated yet fun. I played around for a while with location and design, and finally created two fish to complete my second scene. I went back and added different color schemes and learned about a cool program in which you can point the mouse at any color on the screen, and it will give you the coordinates to make that color.

I experimented a lot with color and placement for this assignment, and actually learned a lot about placement, which will definitely be helpful in the coming labs. I didn't realize the turtle program is similar to a graph, and that you can use positive and negative values in order to place objects and shapes in certain locations. I learned a lot in this lab, and feel much more comfortable with the basics of the programming, which I did not feel after completing the first lab.

Bruce taught me some helpful shortcuts such as the cd then dragging my folder into terminal, and the application for color designation. In the next lab I hope to become even more comfortable with the programming, and to make even more intricate designs and shapes and play around with more complex scenes. Overall this lab was a great opportunity for me to learn more about the programs we use and I am finally beginning to understand more of what to do and why we are learning to do these specific tasks.