Assignment 11
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Summary: This week's lab asked us to venture into turtle 3D, and to create shapes such as boxes and pyramids within the 3D programming.

Task 1: I created four different shapes, and demonstrated two of our different line styles- I used jitter and dash to draw my pyramid, cube, rectangle, and octahedron, which can be found in

Task 2: I created a nature scene with flowers in flowerpots, two butterflies, and a sun which can be viewed in

Task 3: I decided to implement a new line style, and chose Jackson Pollack, and basically manipulated my dash style to select random colors and draw them according to "jacksonP Length". I illustrate my flowers from my file in this new line-style.

+What I Learned: +Through this lab, I learned how to do a lot in this lab, but really struggled in drawing the four shapes. I had to literally draw, redraw, compute, recompute, draw, double-check, and debug more times than I thought possible during this lab. Going to 3D was not my favorite, as it incorporated more math than I would have liked, and I spent so much time figuring out roll, pitch, yaw, and locations. I did learn about the z location, which is cool, and I really liked drawing the flowers in that figuring out which angles to use to create them, was a fun process. The line-styles that I created we fun, as immediate results were viewed, and I think the jacksonP style really makes the nature image pop.