Alex Feingold Project 1
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For this project we practiced using the internal Turtle commands to draw shapes using Python. We learned the commands that the Turtle can and cannot interpret and used them to trace out a variety of shapes. In order to trace out these shapes we had to break down the steps of drawing a picture into commands simple enough for the computer to understand. 

For the first simple image I simply used the left(90), right(90) and forward commands to draw out a simple L

For the second picture I learned to define a command that would draw out a square, by moving fd(100) and rt(90) four times. Then I defined a command that drew an equilateral triangle by moving lt(120) and fd(120) and combined the two of them to make a house.

For the third image I changed the square function so that the parameters where adjustable and created two more squares of different sizes to the left of the house. I did this by replacing the fd(100) that I had used when setting up the function with fd(side) and adding the length that I wanted.

For the extension I made a function that creates a star, and then replicated it to make two stars next to it

For this project I learned the basics on how to use the TextWrangler, the Turtle extension, as well as how to enter basic commands into the terminal.