Aaron Liu Project 6
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Aaron Liu
-The task for this project was to create a scene containing complex shapes using Zelle Graphics.  Then the object was to animate the objects to create a moving scene.

-My solution to this task was to create a boat and a waterskier and have the waterskier go off a jump.  So, I started by creating the complex shapes I wanted to use.  I created my function and put an empty list named shapes and then created my shapes and appended them into shapes.  I then created a test function for each complex shape in order to easily test the shapes individually.  Every shape I created had the parameters x, y, and scale.  I created a boat with a rope:   And a jetskier: 

I had to separate the boat and the skier because I wanted to animate them separately.  So, I created my animate function that looked as so:

In this snippet for animating the guy, I had the guy going forward until 300 and then I wanted him to go off the jump and then come back down after the jump.  I did something very similar to the boat, but they moved at different speeds so I had the boat move out of the way to let the guy go off the jump.
The end animation looked like this:

- For my extensions I created a few more complex shapes that included the sun in the background as well as the people on the beach.  I looped the people on the beach and the cloud because it saved some code writing.  

-I learned about the functions of Zelle graphics and I also learned how to move objects.  Animation was difficult, but I learned a lot about it.