Aaron Liu Project 2
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Aaron Liu Project 2

-The key purpose of this assignment was to create an image of Colby using shapes created in python.   The concept was to make a scene of Colby using one big function made from many other shape functions.  The purpose was to be able to manipulate code into creating a recognizable image. 

-I originally created a few basic shapes that I thought I would need in creating my image which were a triangle and a trapezoid.    
I already had my block function and I could easily create circles in python.  I used the block function including the pathway, the sky, the grass, and the flag.  I then wanted to develop trees I could use and duplicate considering the amount at Colby.  After developing a scale and placing the triangles on top of each other I was able to create a loop that would generate tons of trees in a certain area.  I used the random color set in order to make the trees a lot more interesting. 

            This created an image as so:    One main problem I ran into was that the shape filled with the color of the next function.  In order to counteract this problem I created functions based on each color that essentially did nothing:
  Once I had all of my shapes and colors that I wanted, all I had to do was fit them into the picture I imagined. 
            For my second Colby scene I decided to try and make Johnson pond.  After much trial and error I decided that the pond had to be a circle instead of an oval.  Most of the other shapes I needed such as the sun and trees I already had functions for.  In order to make the clouds, however, I had to do something similar to the tree loop.  I first created a cloud function which was simply a white circle.  Then I looped it as I had with the trees into the area I wanted:   
            I then went on to make a sign for the pond and that was simply a set of 3 blocks set in the right positions. 

-Mainly, I used the for loop function and the random package to truly make my designs unique.  I used them in the same situation because I wanted a ton of random colored trees to fill up the outline and background of my design.  I also used them to create clouds in which I wanted to duplicate circles. 

-I learned a lot about how to manipulate shapes and I learned a great deal about how to troubleshoot code.