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This lab enabled me to code functions that would create collages.

The first task asked me to take what i learned in the lab, and expand upon it by adding another parameter to the list. I then tested this function by using the given function.

For my second task, I went into my file to create a placePixmapNoBkg function, which has about the same functionality as placePixmap. but does not copy the src pixels into my destination image if the src pixel is part of a background green. I had trouble with this, but this is what I got.
In my third task, I edited my buildCollage function so that it used the background removal parameter in the collage info list. Here, I can store if I want the noBkg to be used.

I made a collage in my forth task using my buildCollage function. This is the combination of five different images.

In my last task, I created a "cover photo" using three photos and three different images.

I created a new filter that makes images dimmer by 50%.

Gary Koplik and Vlad helped me a lot throughout my struggles in this Project.