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In this project, We learn how to use Zelle graphics to make animation. In order to create this animation, we started with designing a few complex shapes. Then we create an animation function for some of these shapes that are based on the frame number.


The images following are complex shapes that I create:



  NYPD police car

Thief truck

NYPD police helicopter



The whole graph looks like this:


My animation tells a story that. The thief trunk(red and blue car in the front) had just robbed a bank and kidnapped two bank clerks. Four
NYPD cars(white and blue cars in the behind) and a NYPD helicopter (helicopter in the sky) are chasing after the thief truck. 

                  comparison image

For animation part, I make five cars and helicopter move with different speed, which is achieved by make the shapes move with different pixels in each frame.  For the sun in the sky, I change the radius of circle on each frame so that it seems like "shining" in the sky. For NYPD cars and helicopters, I change the color of alarm lamp so that it seems more real. For the skycraper, I also write an animation function that can change the color of neon lamp. 
For extension: 

1. I make serval complex shapes and use the "for" loop

2. I also create a scene list that includes a list of value of parameters for complex shapes. Then I use "if and elif" to assign those value list to new parameters. Then I draw each shape out on a new window.

3. I make a animation with a simple story

4.Uh, It looks like a very simple action movie trail anyway.

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