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Project 10 was about non-photorealistic rendering. We explored this topic by using the same,,, and files from Project 9. In the lab, this week in and we introduced new field objects style and jitter, with mutator methods for both of them too.
We also had to updated several other parts of the files. We added a forward function in turtle_interperter to define the styles, as well as updated the applyRules function. In the project, I defined four different styles, 'jitter', 'jitter3', 'normal', and 'dotted'. 

We also had to add objects like modval and modstring to go with the functions we copy/pasted in lab.

This is a comparison of normal, jitter, and jitter3 from bottom left to top right, respectively. 

This is a comparison of the styles. Top right is a jitter square, top left is a jitter3 triangle, bottom left is a normal octagon, and bottom right is a dotted hexagon. 

This is an updated using a myriad of styles

And lastly I changed the sysTree.txt L-System Slightly (sysTreePP.txt). to make it have some more apples, less branches, and be MUCH taller and longer. The distance of 
the tree on the right is actually coded with half the distance and still grows to be that tall.

This week in lab and while doing the project I learned about more practical uses of the field objects and being able to re use objects so efficiently. I also learned about how to change L-Systems to manipulate how a tree looks.

I worked with Stephanie and Kyle, as well as Luc Marrie.