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Helpful links for searching the primary/secondary literature


Relevant scientific journals


Links to vendors and other resources

  • Sigma (enzymes, antibodies, bioreagents, etc.)
  • Invitrogen (cloning, RNAi, protein purification resources, etc.)
  • Qiagen (nucleic acid purification, PCR, RNAi, protein expression, etc.)
  • New England Biolabs (cloning enzymes)
  • Antibody Resource (a database of most/all available antibodies)
  • Bio-Rad (electrophoresis, chromatography, protein assays, PCR, etc.)
  • Pierce (protein assays, affinity resins, etc.)
  • Clonetech (PCR, RNAi, protein expression, fluorescent reporter systems, etc.)
  • Addgene (a non-profit plasmid repository with lentiviral vectors, CRISPR tools, fluorescent tags, etc.)
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