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Information on writing assignments in CH444

Improving written communication skills is one of the learning goals for this course.  There will be several writing assignments in CH444, as well as a mid-term essay examination and a final written project.  Your written hand-in assignments will be assessed equally for the quality of the writing as they are for their substantive content.

Here are some additional resources that might be helpful in preparing your written work:

  • The Farnham Writer's Center website is full of great resources
  • This is great reference website for elements of style (grammar, clarity, punctuation, etc.) - you'll need to sign up for a free account
  • I found a good web-page that discusses scientific writing via Bates College.  It is based on writing a journal article and is generally applicable to grant proposal writing, except that you will use future tense in the proposal sections.
  • Here is some information on grant writing from the NIH.  This has much more information (specific to major NIH grant writing) than you'll need, but it's worth a look nevertheless.  It talks about some of the general strategies as you try to write compelling proposals.
  • A wonderful book you can read online, called "Write like a Chemist"
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