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Below is a view-only version of Kevin's up-to-date calendar. This calendar isn't editable... please follow the directions below to make an appointment with Kevin.
If you'd like to schedule a 15-30 minute appointment with Kevin during business hours, follow these steps:
  • Log on to the Colby / Google calendar system using your Colby email and password.
  • To see my schedule, search for my calendar in the left field that says "Add a coworker's calendar" (which is under "Other calendars").
  • In the "week" view, create an event by clicking and dragging on a given day/time.
  • The created event is in your calendar, not mine. To include me, click the event, click "Edit event", and type my email address in the field under "Guest" on the right and click "Add".
  • You can also put a description of what you want to talk about at this meeting if you'd like. Once you've saved the changes, I will be notified by email.




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