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Message board

Please check the message board when you get a chance!  (It's about the exam.)

Check the message board (please)!

Hi Everyone!

I hope you are enjoying your first week of classes. I know Chem 145 Lab and Lecture are going to be your favorite...

Lab begins next week: Section A is on Tuesday from 1-4pm and Section B is on Wednesday from 1-4pm.

Your first laboratory handout and assignment are already posted:  Be sure to complete and email me the pre-lab assignment by Noon the day of your lab section.

If you have any trouble accessing your Google Apps or the lab wiki please let me know right away-before the day of your lab!

Also, check your email for further communications.

See you all soon!


Welcome to CH145!

Please check out the weekly assignments page to see what's going on this first week.