Blog from November, 2009

Back to business ...

I hope everyone had a nice week.  I assume you were doing nothing but reading about coordination complexes ... Well, in any case, time to buckle down and finish off these last couple of weeks in grand style.  A few orders of business ....

  • So, the last lab has been posted.  Don't forget that there's a pre-lab quiz!
  • You have a homework assignment due on Wednesday!
  • You have an exam on Thursday
Lab practical sign-up ...

... is now available on the CH145 Laboratory webpage .  It is the same format as the sign-up page for the "Kevin Meetings".

Laboratory 8 is now posted!
There is no quiz this week! However, make sure to have your lab notebooks current and complete with this week's procedure properly outlined.
Office Meeting sign-up

You will now find a link to a wiki page (on the CH145 main page, below the Message Board link) in which you can sign up for your second office visit.  There are 30 slots within 6 blocks of time for the 24 of you, so hopefully it won't be a problem.  You will need to directly edit the wiki page to sign up, but there is an instruction there to help you.