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Hello Everyone,

The purpose of the laboratory report write-up exercise is to learn how to write like a scientist. Colby Department of Chemistry's goal is for each student to graduate from Colby College as a Chemist, with all the tools you need to succeed in your field of study. You need to learn how to effectively convey information in a thorough and concise manner by presenting the significance of your data in an attractive and informative method.

There are now two links available for you to use to help you write your laboratory reports and discussions

The ACS author guidelines pdf instruct you on the proper format for presenting all data and text.  Some of the information may not apply to you; look at the headings to distinguish which tool will be most helpful to you in writing your report. Specifically, look at the guidelines for presenting charts, graphs, molecules and other such figures that pertain to the laboratory discussion, as well as how to properly cite references and an outline of what should be reported and discussed in each section of the laboratory report.
The second link in an example paper concerning the methods of molecular modeling. The information may be a bit advance for some of you, do not get frustrated if you do not understand the paper in full context, however you should still read the paper and use it to give you a visual idea of how to discuss your result values and their significance, as well as present data and figures accordingly.

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