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145 Laboratory:  Here are a few comments to help you write your lab discussion. 1.)    All lab discussions should include name, date, lab section, and a title.

2.)    Make sure to begin the discussion with a clear and concise objective. 3.)    Make sure to write in complete sentences and check for punctuation as well as grammar errors. Colby has a writing help center located in the Farnham building if you need any assitance. 4.)     Include the significance of the laboratory questions and data, do not just answer the questions.

Example, if the bond order designated by WebMO is different than the qualitative predicted Bond order, then you ought to explain your reasoning for this discrepancy. 5.)    References for literature values, diagrams, bond lengths, (anything that needs referencing) needs to be cited, and in proper notation. At the end of laboratory 3, you will find a literature cited section. You can use these two references in your discussion or you can use them as a template format on how to properly cite a literature reference.