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Hello Everyone,
Just as a reminder, make sure to fill out your lab notebook properly before coming to lab. There is an example format how to fill out a lab notebook in your laboratory syllabus, plus for your personal visual tool, I have made an example format available for you on the wiki lab webpage. Just click on the link to view it. Most of you are continuing on with research, you will need to know how to maintain and organize your lab notebook.
The purpose of a laboratory notebook:
1.)    To replicate the experiment if need be. In order to do this, the lab notebook needs to be organized and have enough information and data that someone can just pick up your lab notebook and do the experiment.
2.)    Second, if you have any errors with your data, or need to reference information for later use, having all of that in your lab notebook is a hard copy for you to refer, especially to check for inaccuracies in the data and calculations.
3.)    The lab notebook is a tool that will help you prepare for an experiment before doing it. You can organize data, charts, tables, look up formulas, equations, chemical health concerns, etc. In other words, the lab notebook helps you be prepared.

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