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Hello Everyone, I have been receiving many of your Pre-laboratory assignments that are not properly formatted. This is not following the American Chemical Society (ACS) format. The Assignment clearly states one of the features you will be using Excel for this semester is: "Making charts for presenting data, including the formatting of charts according to the standards established by the ACS Style Guide." Please refer to the Appendix I and II on how to make a chart, or for a visual representation, look at how the charts and tables were presented to you in Laboratory Assignment 1. Many of you are submitting a chart that has no title, no borders, the widths have not been adjusted, there is no name on the page, no title on the document...etc. Think about it for just a moment, if I were to print out a chart that has only values and units would you know what experiment the chart was pertaining to? Would you know if it was a true experiment or a pre-laboratory assignment? That is why it is important to have title references to indicate what the document is concerning. Your name is very important, especially for all lab assignments. I have about 30 students, to make sure your work gets graded, have a name on each and every assignment you turn into me.

Your Set-up should look something similar to: Pre-Laboratory Assignment 1: “Equations of Electronic Structure of Atoms: Using Excel to Calculate Wavelengths and Frequency” CH145L     Fall 2009    Section (x)Tara Kraus Table 1:  The following set of data relates the Apple iPhone frequency range using Excel to find the energy associated with one mole of Photons.

--Now place your properly formattedChart/Table here.

If you have any questions, call me, text me, email me, stop by my office tomorrow morning, talk to me in class, by no way should you feel that you are bothering me. I am here to help all of you. You can always email me your assignment early and ask me if it meets the proper format. I will gladly give you feedback. There should be no reason for you to not receive full credit on Pre-Lab1, however, if I receive am Excel document that is not formatted correctly, I WILL be deducting points.

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