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Hey Everyone! My name is Kinesin-Ann, but you can call me Kina (pronounced Kind 'minus the d' with a short 'A') and I moved here a few days ago. We originally lived in X-town (short for X-Organ town), which is down the street from the Sinus. Our home was destroyed by humans and we were forced to move out. We recenty built an all PINK home at the bottom of a nice clear glass environment. It tends to get a little dark, but that's okay because the light BURNS. I like the place... The neighboors are very nice, but a little intrusive.  Their names are "Bacteria." Hmmmm,  it's a odd name. Maybe it's greek??  Anyway, you have to see pictures of the entire family. Please, look...

 (See Above) This is Zilla and she is chillin in our jacuzzi in the backyard. Zilla is actually my niece. While we were in X-town, she lived in a little town in the northern suburbs called Cornea. I never actually saw her until it was time for us to move out. She is a beautiful photoreceptor. This is kind of a bad picture (Brightfield; taken with the Zeiss Axiovert200 using 40X oil objective), but she has a deep red glow. She is slightly introverted, but amazingly talented. My Baby is destined for GREATNESS. Go on head Hun. Do Your thing!!

Herman is such a sweet cell. He is kind of a pretty boy. When I told him it was time to take a picture (Viewed at 48 hours with the Zeiss Axiovert200 using phase contrast; 40X Oil objective), he sat real still and extended his neurites really far! In fact, I had to take another picture to include all of them. Do you know what they say about cells that have long neurites? Anyway,  I'm so proud of him and all his accomplishments! He attends Uca High School. He's making a Z+ in Mammalian Physiology!) That's my boy!


Allow me to introduce Estrella. This picture (taken with a Zeiss Axiovert 200 using phase contrast; 40X oil objective) is so beautiful! While she was developing into a cell, I asked Kimberly Parker about a possible name. After looking at her, Kimberly exclaimed that Estrella resembles SPERM. Kim insisted that I name her "Little swimmer." Pour child...Last week, she came home in tears because the other cells called her "Sperman-trude." Kids these days; they are so cruel. I happen to think she is very graceful--Even if she looks a little "testostrome-y" and hormonal.

 This is my husband, Pugilator! We call him Pug! Isn't he gorgeous?? You can see him flex one of his neurites for this picture (taken with a Zeiss Axiovert 200 using phase contrast; 40X oil objective). He is such a SHOW OFF!!



These are pictures of Zilla's family. They sent this picture (Stained with Rhodamine, Fitc, and Dapi respectively. The last picture has brightfield lighting. Viewed using a confocal microscope. 20X objective) to us a few minutes ago. They look like a very happy family. I really like how the photographer used different stains to highlight various parts of their bodies. I gave Zilla's mother (Retina; pronounced "Re-teena") a call and asked her where she had those pictures made. Turns out...she found a photographer on an island near the coast.  Umph...She explained that it was very cold, but the experience was great! I must take the family out there one of these days. Maybe during the summer. At least we won't freeze our neurites off.

Oh, and I forgot to include a picture of MEEE!! Oh well, you'll have to imagine what I look like!!
Anyway, thanks for stopping by. I think we are moving down yonder... Maybe to a place called "The Autoclave Bag." Hmm...It must be French! I hope the Bacteria are less nosey and intrusive. Nice meetin' ya'll.

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