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Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory beats summer camp hands down. (microscopes with lasers trump archery anyday, and camp doesn't have cable).

The link above makes me SOOOO happy. Not only do the mouse visuals rock, but the neurotransmitter diagrams are pretty neat (almost as neat as andrea's board diagrams).

 These pictures were taken on Colby's very own Zeiss microscope.  Neurite growth is patent in the first and third photos.  The neurons in the middle photo seem to have some dying neurites. 

In JanPlan 2009, I learned women have TWO ovaries, Star Anise tastes like licorice, fiddler crabs chirp when angry, and anything that looks like Glass should be treated like glass.


PRISON BREAK! (and subsequent mug-shot).  PETA rat spies are NOT welcome at Jackson Lab, home of the ongoing mouse genome project.

Links:   (alzheimer's association) (PBS brain series)

sigma-aldrich's take on oxidative stress:

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  1. the top guy's got some sturdy neurites. he reminds me of a wintry tree.

  2. these rats want to befriend the jackson lab mice. note: they are NOT Peta activists, and they have no intention of sabotaging the mice genome project.