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How many people do you know with a bed built into the back of their truck? How often do you run into some one you met at some other crag some other year? If you have been climbing for a while the answer will be often. The climbing community is sometimes like a group of semi-nomads hunting for the next adventure. Pick up the nearest climbing magazine, how many different countries are featured? Climbers travel all over the the world. This mobility in many ways is central to the climbing community.

Ok, so not everyone can travel like the pros do. However, whether it is in your own country or in some one else's, many climbers like a taste of a new climbing destination. For those that work in climbing, mobility is essential. Climbing is always in season somewhere and many climbers crisscross the country and skip around the world to make a living doing what they love.

Professional climbers take this sense of mobility to its greatest heights. Traveling the world from Antarctica to Baffin Island, from the Alps to the Himalayas, from the Cordillera to 'The Valley'- you know which one I mean- there is a premium for exploring new rock and new routes to provide us all with fresh tales of adventure to keep us psyched.

This mobility leads to a diversity of climbing experiences and ideas. It facilitates an ability to build a global network of friends, belayers, and partners across oceans and continents and is what makes the climbing community unique.

Check out the blogs of climbers making a mobile living:
Majka Burhardt, Colin Haley, Kevin Mahoney
and many others...

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