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Climber's put their faith and their lives in the hands of their climbing partners. These partnerships are often the basis for enduring friendships that span decades as well as oceans. Climbers are connected to one another around the world.

Sometimes these connections have the power to remake societies. The Hillary schools, clinics, and the Lukla Airport, the result of Hillary and Norgay's friendship fundamentally altered the Khumbu Valley. Greg Mortinson's Central Asian Institute keeps him connected with Central Asians who help facilitate his work building schools for girls in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Not all climbing connections are about development projects, though many are. The flow of climbers around the world is not even. The majority are wealthy climbers from western nations climbing in poorer countries. Many climbers recognize their roles as ambassadors for the climbing world in remote parts of foreign countries. The people we meet are worth staying in touch with and visiting when we return. The relationships we form as climbers are often enduring, life changing, and international.

To check out development projects that connect climbers to the Himalayas click the links below.
The dZi Foundation,
Central Asia Institute,
Alex Lowe Foundation,

Himalayan Cataract Project

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