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Jimoy Salat

Unknown macro: {center} "When I was living in Banta, life was so hard. In the morning you get up and go to the farm to work all day. In the evening you return home, go to the bush to collect firewood, get the grinder to grind the corn for the meal, go to the river to draw the water for boiling the corn, then you to prepare the food before you can eat. It was so much work. Here in the US life is so easy. You just go to the store, everything is already prepared. You even have a bathroom right in the house. Education is available to everyone. In the US there is free public education. My children have only been in school a short while and they already speak English! In another 6 months they'll be able to help us with everything and we won't need anyone from outside to help us (with translation)."

The photo on the left shows Jimoy with her daughter Hawo in front of their house in Banta, Somalia, in 1988. The photo on the right shows Jimoy in her Lewiston apartment, holding Hawo's daughter Fardusa.     
Unknown macro: {center}

Jimoy with her grandchildren in her Lewiston apartment

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