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Iman Osman

Unknown macro: {center} "I never saw my parents. I just saw their pictures."


Unknown macro: {center} Iman Osman is the baby in the photo on the left, taken in Banta in 1988. His parents died shortly after this photo was taken, and he was brought up by his mother's sister, Asha Iman. Asha and her children fled the civil war in Somalia for the refugee camps in Kenya and were finally resettled in the US in 2004. In 2005 they moved to Lewiston, where, in the photo on the right, Iman is now a junior in high school.

Unknown macro: {center} "My life is better right now because I go to school. It was really a good thing for me to move to Lewiston. I met a lot of people, and I made a lot of friends. It's really good."


Unknown macro: {center}

Iman was born in this home in Banta. The photo shows his father, brother, and cousin.



Unknown macro: {center} Iman's older brothers and cousin were left behind in Somalia, where they still live.

"They only talk about their farm. They had big mango trees. My brothers and my sister live in Banta where I was born, and I never went back there. I never see them. They wonder how I saw my parents because they don't really know. Some of them knew them, but I didn't. Last time I told them I saw my parents in the picture, they were like where did you see them and how did you get it, you were younger than us."

A video: Iman Osman talks about his future

Iman Osman talks about his life
Iman Osman talks about the division of his family

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